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The Japanese Alpine Club (JAC), founded in 1905, is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious mountaineering club. We take pride in the fact that for more than a century the JAC has served mountaineering communities at home and abroad with a wide variety of activities and information. Countless overseas expeditions – including the historic conquering of 8,163-meter Mount Manaslu in the Himalayas in 1956 – are all part of the history of our organization, which has continuously strived to bring new perspectives to modern mountaineering.


We are also proud of the huge collection of mountain and mountaineering related documents, books and paintings that we have amassed over the last one hundred and ten years as our most valuable asset. But our foremost and greatest assets are human in nature: the many prominent alpinists and a galaxy of talented people coming from all corners of society who have supported the JAC as members; and the unique JAC culture that supports and environment in which all members can participate freely and on equal standing, encouraging friendships and lively discourse.


In terms of organization, the JAC comprises of a headquarters office and 32 local sections. JAC headquarters is responsible for overall management of the club, including committees and numerous groups of members sharing common interests. The committees are charged with planning and executing programs that both align with the club’s philosophy and further its goals. A key undertaking is the Youth Club – an important pillar of JAC activity. Because we firmly believe that the future development of the mountaineering world relies on the growth and maturity of younger members, we intend to step up Youth Club-related programs – attracting more young mountaineers and providing them with a variety of priceless experiences.


Each of the JAC’s 32 local sections conducts their own programs, providing JAC members in the area an opportunity to participate in activities as they wish. The great variety of local activities is yet another important pillar ensuring the ongoing vitality of the JAC.


Finally, the JAC is taking steps to better serve all members – implementing new programs, organizing topical events and supporting more clubs on interesting subjects. We heartily encourage members to stay up to date on JAC activities by making the most of the monthly newsletter and the club Website.


The government designated the JAC as a public interest incorporated association in 2012, honoring the club for its long history of service to the public. It is our fervent hope that we can continue to lead the mountaineering world through a wide range of mountaineering activities; to promote cultural activities; and to participate in efforts to conserve the natural environment. We humbly request your continued support and assistance.



Masashi Kobayashi


The Japanese Alpine Club 

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